So how did I end up being the “Creative Genie” living in a tiny ‘Harry Potter’ style cottage with my small but perfect studio to work in and with the shortest commute I could ask for?

Well without going back to yesteryear and making a really long story out of it, let’s just say that from the get go I’ve been an inventor……..not that I knew it all those years ago, but I am, not of any really big inventions like engines, rockets or cures but in my own unique way I’ve been inventing a magical world all around me.

My Mother is a great woman for the sayings and the one that stuck with me most was that ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’. I took this quite literally and made everything I could from anything I could find or get my hands on, which wasn’t a whole lot at the time!

I was always building, upcycling and generally transforming the space and world around me and anyone else’s that would let me! I would turn my over active imagination and hands to anything from building forts and tents to designing and creating costumes, decorations and more…..I just had to make!

My curiosity for the world around me and how things were made fed this constant obsession throughout my life. I did want to go off to art college when I left school and become a special effects artist but life had different ideas. My dream of living and working a creative life might have seemed impossible but over the years while raising my family and doing the day job to pay the bills, I kept chipping away at my crafts, it kept me sane….I think!

Although I couldn’t immerse myself in a full time education in the art’s, I kept developing my skills bit by bit over the years. Nothing I’ve ever learned has been lost and in fact I would say every skill I’ve learned and course I did plays a part in my work today.

While living in the beautiful sunny south east, I was fortunate enough to get to work in the worlds of theatre, opera, film and the hugely creative and fun world of street theatre, oh what visions and experiences they brought my way! And all of those skills feature in my work today.

You can check them out here if you like

Without doubt there have been many tough and frustrating years to work through but every high and low has thought me so much. It has been so worth it to finally be where I am and doing what I love, to share the talents and skills I’ve amassed with others and to encourage children particularly to keep creating.

Every creative person faces doubts and fears, when those dry spells stretched out ahead of me, I would question and struggle with it all again and again. There can be negative influences around you that can knock you off course but ultimately the rewards for keeping going, for believing in yourself, being able to work at what you love and share that with others is just pure magic.

And so, it is that the Creative Genie now lives and works in beautiful Bective Co. Meath, making her magical fairy creations, amazing props and teaching all her skills to young and not so young……………and feeling so very blessed to be able to do it!

I would love to hear about your journey, where you’re at on it and what you’ve learned along the way…..or perhaps you’ve only just taken that first step, Ooh how exciting!

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